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Advanced Society Industries (Neo Humanity Restoration Society;abbv Shinjin Co.) is a major Bashai faction located in Southern Cloudream. They are not particularly hostile Bashai compared to the Firestream Battalion and Nihil's Throne but as they are known to protect humans if they are paid well. Advanced Society Industries previously went by the name of Natal Sloth but upon arriving on Second Stair, they were impressed with humanity's capitalistic systems and decided to rebrand themselves as Advanced Society Industries to help rebuild parts of Southern Cloudream. However, they are known to be greedy Bashai as their SinForce nature is based on Greed.

While Advanced Society Industries is not currently at war with humanity or any other Bashai groups, they seem to be concerned with the power balance in Cloudream as they become Henryk's sponser for the SoulDreg Queen project. The original intent of taking over the project from NED Company appeared to be an attempt to assassinate Luna Nox to weaken Nihil's Throne but was withdrawn since Advanced Society Industries decided to make better use of the project. Advanced Society Industries kidnaps members of the Vacuum Fanatics who were being a thorn to the projects in Southern Cloudream and places them under Henryk's custody to move on with project. The project eventually fails but Advanced Society Industries walked away with a better result as they were able to weaken Nihil's Throne by removing one of their princesses, eliminate the nuisances that were the Vacuum Fanatics, and the project caused massive havoc for the Starry Forest League due to the massive uptick in SoulDreg activity in Dipluce Horizon and Candus City.


  • These Bashai appear in the first debut trailer of SoulWorker
  • The name is localized to R.S.B. in the JP version