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There exists many planets within the universe spread apart and are not aware of one another. Second Stair, a planet inhabited by weak humans were able to achieve a rare prosperity in the universe by overcoming their weaknesses,and were able to control their desires to cooperate with one another. Lakasha, the management God of Second Stair, maintains the order of the planet, and ensures that the events on Second Stair proceed naturally according to the schedule.

Formation of the Great Void

Meanwhile, on a planet filled by SinForce and it's citizens, the Bashai, lived a chaotic life were they would ruthlessly pursue their own desires on the barren land. Kant, the management God of Stair Oroboroi, grew bored of the Bashai and gained an interest with humanity and Second Stair. He believed that despite humanity's superior progress, they were still susceptible to corruption and would help them to awaken to their true nature. Kant then creates the Great Void using the SinForce from Second Stair, which is able to link both planets and causes tremendous destruction to both worlds. Many residents of both worlds were displaced into the Great Void and the Bashai were sent onto Second Stair. Within the Great Void, humans began to absorb SinForce from their desire to live and obtained supernatural abilities. As the SinForce slowly grew, the Great Void was able to expand, and created a vicious cycle leading to the potential end of Second Stair. Fearing the planet's doom, Lakasha attempts to stop the Great Void using the planet's power but fails and causes the Great Void to expand further hastening the planet's doom. With no other choice available, Lakasha is forced to wait until the suspect reveals themselves.

Lakasha's schedule is interrupted and coincides with Kant's plans. The results of their interventions have caused unknown events to occur leaving Second Star's fate uncertain.