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Catherine was a young SoulForcer and was Aaron's only daughter. She perishes at the end of the Candus City storyline and becomes a major catalyst for the SoulWorker, Aaron, and Luke III's vengeance against the SoulDregs and Henryk. During her time in the Great Void, she was friends with Stella Unibell.


Catherine was a young child when she was first swallowed by the Great Void. She was not fearful of Stella and easily becomes friends with her and the two travel across the Great Void. The two search for a toy store within the Great Void and were able to find a Burning Red action figure. Catherine gives Stella the toy as a sign of their friendship and they played together. However, Kant abuses the distrust around Stella and sets up Catherine as being taken hostage by Stella. As a result, he was able to convince Tenebris to go after Stella. Kant managed to catch Catherine, renders her unconscious and proceeds to defeat Stella. Afterwards, Kant pins the fault onto Stella for Catherine's injuries. After an unknown series of events, Catherine leaves the Great Void and becomes a SoulForcer. She was then able to reunite with her father. Catherine then attempts to join the Starry Forest Squad but was rejected due to her low potential as a SoulForcer and was seen as a troublemaker.

After some period of time, the player SoulWorker arrives in Candus City, and Catherine was enthusiastic to met with them. She tries to get the SoulWorker to assist her with aiding the SFL, only to get caught and placed on watch. Luke III was then order to look after Catherine to ensure that she would not get into trouble. During the exploration of the abandoned manor, her ribbon was discovered and the SFL makes a large effort to search for her. The SoulWorker was able to find her but Arache catches Catherine and was infected with Enhanced Pike. Catherine was eventually rescued but slows signs of becoming a SoulDreg. The Starry Forest Squad offers to eliminate evidence of Henryk's crimes if he was able to heal her. During her SoulDreg transformation, Catherine was able to hear the voice of a woman. The medicine is administered to Catherine but a SoulDreg outbreak occurs forcing the SFL to retreat. Henryk attempts to convince Aaron to abandon Catherine but fails. The escaped SoulReaver from the N303 appears to follow Catherine and eventually catches her, transforming her into Amaryllis. The player was able to defeat the SoulReaver but Catherine perishes. Her death causes the SoulWorker to hate Henryk, NED Company and the SoulDregs. Her father and Luke III begin a maddening pursuit to eliminate all SoulDregs no matter what.

Depending on the character, Catherine takes different actions. In the former SinWorker storylines, Catherine sneaks into the NED Company manor in order to assist the SFL. In Chii and Ephnel's stories, Catherine hears a mysterious voice stating the SoulWorker is in danger and heads into manor. She was administrated a fake antidote in the SinWorker story lines but was given a real one in Chii's and Ephnel's stories.


SoulForce: Catherine has the ability to summon and fire energy cubes at enemies. The quirks of abilities are unknown.