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Lupine Night is the introduction phase for the former SinWorkers. This chapter does not exist for Chii Aruel and Ephnel. It introduces the character background and serves as the game's tutorial area.


The player is suspended in the void and is greeted by a golden light stating that the world has changed and that they have the ability to protect it. As the light fades, the player descends from the Great Void awakening to a ruined town. A mysterious ghost comes to greet the player asking to follow it throughout the ruins. They are attacked by mysterious creatures but the player summons a weapon and is able to wield it naturally, easily defeating the creatures. The player then joins up with a rescue unit but a Malevil pursues them. The rescue unit is unable to fend off its attacks but the ghost is able to severely damage the Malevil allowing the group to rescue but the player faints from using its power. Afterwards, they greeted at a medical facility, and the members of the Starry Forest League, where they learn that 15 years have past since the player entered the Great Void. Worried about the player's well-being, they are subjected to the usual SoulForcer health and physical exams but end up overheating the combat program. The Starry Forest League members are not certain of the player's powers but hope for it's great potential.


One day, the Great Void appeared and caused massive destruction to the world, changing the lives of many. After a series of various events, the player enters the Great Void. After an unknown period of time, the player is suspended in the Great Void but a golden light approaches them and informs the player about the changed world and their potential to save the world. Shortly after, the player descends from the Great Void landing around the ruins nearby Rucco Town. They are greeted by mysterious child that tells the player to follow it. After pursuing the child, the player is attacked by SoulDreg and is able to summon a weapon to defeat them. Afterwards, the player appears to shocked about naturally they were able to use that weapon without any prior experience. They eventually are greeted by Miriam and Wilba who were searching for the person that descended from the Great Void. As the player comes onto the vehicle, they are attacked Kairon and attempt to flee. Miriam and Wilba attempt to fend against Kairon but are unable to harm it. The mysterious child makes a decision to hold back Kairon asking the player to find it later as they are both the same being. After a sudden flash, Kairon is wounded allowing the group to their escape and the player faints from the exhaustion.

The player wakes up in a medical facility where they are greeted by Miriam who explains that it has been 15 years since the Great Void appeared and the world has greatly changed. She performs a health examination on the player but finds nothing unusual and leads them to the Steel Graves testing grounds. The player is greeted Benjy who explains about the Starry Forest League and it's basic role towards watching over SoulForcers. SoulForcers normally do not use weapons and the player exhibited strength far stronger compared to other SoulForcers. As a result, the player is forced to run virtual combat tests in the Steel Graves. They are greeted by Chloe, a trainee operator within the Starry Forest League who assists them with their combat tests. After completing the tests, Chloe analyzes the results but the system overheats leading to inaccurate results. Benjy is surprised with the results, as the numbers appear higher than the last record breaker. He laments that the facility is now ruined and prepares to write an apology letter. Miriam states that the player did well in the test and prepares to take the player to Rucco Town. Afterwards,Benjy and Miriam have a hopeful speculation regarding the uncertain identity of the player's power and hope that will be able to assist them in the future.

Chapter 0: Lupine Night Completed


  • Miriam
  • Former SinWorker
  • Kairon
  • Wilba
  • Benjy
  • Chloe


  • Rucco Town
  • Steel Graves