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Chapter 1 is the first major story arc of SoulWorker. This arc only exists for the former SinWorkers and is not playable for Chii Aruel and Ephnel.


Unsure of the current events after the appearance of the Great Void, the player asks the current inhabitants of Rucco Town. The player then asks Seoni and Benjy about the current situtation and learns about the role of a SoulForcer and their value. As the player was about to be assigned to trival tasks, the Starry League League receives a message that a group of SoulDregs has appeared and they are asked to save Miriam who left to search for a child. Upon arrival of the mining site, the player encounters a SoulDreg that breaks Miriam's barrier and swallows the mysterious child. After defeating, the SoulDreg the child is spewed from it's mouth and encounters the player. The two reunite and the player's energy frequency is recognized as a SoulWorker. Afterwards, they learn about the role and power of a SoulWorker and are sent to assist with rescuing members of the NED Company from the drilling site. They re-encounter Kairon who was wounded by the mysterious and are able to defeat him but Kairon is slain by the Blue Clown, Edgar.

The player learns about the second threat to humanity, the Bashai, and is sent to defeat the Blue Clown. The Blue Clown attempts to blow up Rucco Town by using a Mannequin army and Big Plastica but is stopped with the combined effort of the Starry Forest League and NED Company. The Starry Forest League is able to pinpoint Edgar's location to an abandon hospital and makes their way towards Edgar's location. The player defeats Edgar and he vanishes in the destruction of the hospital area, the player is then renowned as the hero of Rucco Town. As Rucco Town is peaceful due to Edgar's disappearance, the player is asked to help assist with Candus City and deal with the SoulDreg threat.


The player enters Rucco Town and asked Miriam about the current state of the world. Miriam answered that much of the world has changed greatly and the previous quality of life before no longer exists. As she further explains the changed world, Miriam received a call about a child spotted in the mining area and is sent off to investigate. She tells the player to talk to Seoni to learn more about the changed world. After meeting with Seoni, she informs the player about the destruction of the world due to the Great Void, unknown creature, and the importance of SoulForcers. Humans who have left the Great Void obtain supernatural powers and become a central force within the Starry Forest League. She then scolds the naivety of the player as 11 people perished in an attempt to rescue the player. Afterwards, the player meets up with Benjy to find their role in the league, as the player was able to be assigned to mundane tasks, they received a message that a group of SoulDregs has appeared where Miriam went to investigate. The player was asked to rescue Miriam as the Rucco Town forces lost too many troops in the Lupine Night mission. The player encountered Oboron who was able to shatter Miriam's barrier and swallows the mysterious child who to assist the player after leaving the Great Void. Oboron was defeated by the player and the mysterious child was reunited with player. Afterwards, the child joined together with player and caused their ascension into a SoulWorker.

As they headed back to Rucco Town, Miriam explains about the rare existence of stronger SoulForcers, the SoulWorkers, whose presence have the ability to decide the outcome of a battle. Afterwards, the player Soulworker is tasked with the duty of finding the remaining survivors at the mining site. The player was able to rescue Tommy. Tommy stated that a wounded black and white wolf Malevil appeared and started causing havoc in the area. Upon hearing the news, the members of the Rucco Town force stated that it was highly likely code name: Greedy Zoon, the Malevil that appeared during Lupine Night. The force organizes a search unit with Wilba at its helm and looks for Kairon. Wilba was able to find the wolf and awaited for the SoulWorker to arrive. The SoulWorker was able to defeat Kairon but Kairon attempts to flee the area. However, a mysterious person is amazed by the SoulWorker's abilities and takes out Kairon as it tries to flee.

The mysterious person was revealed to be Mad Edgar, a threat level S Bashai from the Great War who was believed to be dead. Miriam afterward gives the player a letter from Edgar which is the player is reluctant to open. The player instead meets up with Benjy, who names the player, an official member of the Starry Forest League, and reads the letter to them, discovering that Edgar left a gift in the shopping district. Afterwards, the player was sent to Seoni and Wilba to learn more about the shopping district and the behavioral patterns of the Bashai. The player then sets off towards the R Square shopping center to discover a massive but loosely organized army of mannequins. The player and the members of Rucco Town are able to easily to intercept the mannequins only to discover that Edgar had prepared a bigger puppet filled with enough explosive to wipe out Rucco Town. Due to the danger of the explosives, the player asked for Scral and NED Company's help with the operation. Scral initially refuses at first but the player blackmails Scral, using Tommy's evidence of NED Company's embezzlement, and forced him to cooperate. The player is asked to move to the site where the operation would place to help set up the necessary AI modules for the attack. As the player moves on site, the Starry Forest Troops were easily defeated by Big Plastica and the player swifts moves on site. The plan unfortunately fails and the group moves forward with the Starry Shield Operation to confine Big Plastica's detonation. The player would act as bait to draw out Big Plastica, and aerial support would drop the Castle Wall barricades confining Big Plastica's explosion. However, an issue occurred with the air drop and the player was trapped along with Big Plastica. As Big Plastica detonated, the player was saved by their SoulSpirit and miraculously escapes the explosion. Rucco Town was saved by the SoulWorker but is scolded by the members of Rucco town for their reckless actions.

Meanwhile, another mannequin group appeared in Rucco Town and a vanguard was dispatched to investigate the cause. However, the vanguard does not return back on time and could not be contacted due to strong electromagnetic waves in the area; as a result, the SoulWorker was sent to find the vanguard. The SoulWorker was able to find the vanguard only to find that they have been petrified and a small blue stone has been embedded into them. After returning to town, the Starry Forest League was able to identify the source of the electronic waves and source of the human petrification came from a Sanctum Stone embedded on a gigantic tower. Benjy requests help from Grace City to aid against the tower but Grace City was unable to help due to the electronic waves blocking the tracking signal nearby the tower and the player was sent to eliminate the source. As the player makes their way towards the tower, the encounter King Waynagon, the leader of the Mannequins Corps and was tasked to eliminate him. The player defeats King Waynagon but Edgar appears to finish him off as Edgar did not agree with King Waynagon's motives as he claimed his only task was to make her smile. After King Waynagon's death, the tower's function was disabled and the Starry Forest League was able to pinpoint Edgar's location to abandoned hospital.

The player travels to Edgar's location after word that the scouting legion did not return on time. Upon their arrival, the player learns that the majority of the scouts were eliminated by the manniquins and Edgar left a letter instructing the player how to reach him. The player obtains a badge by defeating one of the mannequins and crosses the barrier leading to Edgar. The player fights with Edgar but he then flees after his defeat. The members of Rucco Town initially believe that the threat was gone but Edgar places multiple explosives underneath the waterways in Rucco Town. The player was instructed to go and finish off Edgar on the roof of the abandoned hospital. Edgar was defeated and he seemingly perished with the collapse of the hospital. The bombs in the waterways were later defused to reveal that they were only firecrackers, leaving Edgar's motives a complete mystery.

The player is ultimately restless and wishes to continue fighting and they are recommended to go to Candus City to assist with suppressing the SoulDregs.

End of Chapter 1.


  • Miriam
  • Former SinWorker
  • Kairon
  • Wilba
  • Benjy
  • Seoni
  • Scral
  • Henryk
  • Voy
  • Edgar
  • Chloe


  • Rucco Town

Story Differences

  • Seoni's scolding: All Characters
  • Wilba's background: Lilly only
  • Tenebris and Miriam background: Iris
  • Tenebris mention: Erwin

Translation Errors

  • In the Gameforge version, the player is erroneously referred as a SoulWorker during Benjy's request to save Miriam. The actual line is "つまり、全てをこの子の意志に任せることになります。"In other words, the decision is left to them to decide." The Gameforge version's line is "We can’t give this child any orders. As a SoulWorker, they need to make the decision for themselves."
  • King Wayangon is erroneously referred to as a Malevil by Benjy in the Gameforge version. "We don’t need any investigation for that. It is obvious that the Malevil is controlling the mannequins near the tower.They talked about the Blue Clown; it is quite clear that they worship him."