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Chii Aruel is the SoulDreg fusion of Chii and Cecilia Aruel. Chii was a wandering weak SoulJunk that devoured the corpse of Aruel's dead cat: Pasta. After Chii obtained a cat-like form, Aruel took Chii as her new pet and the two formed a close bond. But,Aruel's mother and the members of Dunforrid Camp disapproved of their relationship which led to rumors that Dunforrid Camp were domesticating SoulJunk to attack other people. Unfortunately, the two were attacked by a SouJunk and Aruel was heavily wounded attempting to protect Chii. In her last moments, Aruel begged Chii to run but the SinForce responded to Chii's request to save Aruel and become a Soulworker after devouring Aruel's corpse. Afterwards, Chii takes on the name of Chii Aruel in remembrance of Aruel.


On the day that Cecilia Aruel's pet cat, Pasta, died, Maverick escorted Aruel to bury its corpse out of sympathy and planned to secretly burn the corpse afterwards so that SoulJunk could not use it as a medium. As Maverick and Aruel were walking back to the camp, Chii stumbled by the corpse and devoured it. Maverick fearing that Chii would be dangerous if left uncheck attempts to kill Chii but was stopped by Aruel. Aruel reaches out to Chii, comforts her and names her "Chii" after her cry. Afterwards, Maverick attempts to convince Aruel to abandon Chii but to no avail, he allows her to keep Chii under the condition that they remain under his watch.

Due to Chii completely obeying Aruel, bad rumors began to spread that Dunforrid Camp were raising SoulJunk as a means to secure limited supplies in the Void. Kant and Iris Yuma were aware of these rumors. During the usual supply exchange between Grasscover and Dunforrid Camp, Kant questions the validity of these rumors. Maverick outright denies the rumors and states that he has no intentions of separating Chii and Aruel. Kant claims that SoulJunk are objects and cannot be treated as living beings while Maverick ponders if it is possible for a SoulJunk to have a soul. Towards the end of their conversation, Maverick offers the members of the Grasscover Camp to join Dunforrid but Kant refuses as members of their camp unfortunately believe the rumors and believe that they not be able to mesh well.

At some point in time, Aruel and Chii were attacked a SoulJunk with Aruel being fatally wounded in the process. In her wish to save Aruel, the DesireForce of the Great Void responded and Chii become a Soulworker after devouring Aruel's corpse. Chii does not have any recollection of devouring Aruel as when she came back to her senses, the SoulJunk was gone and Chii possessed Aruel's body. Chii is shortly after ejected from the Void, and takes on the name of Chii and Aruel or Chii Aruel.

Chii's World

Due to Lakasha sensing Chii's presense and with Roska's continual intervention with the Great Void, Lakasha adjusts her schedule so that the planet is able to accept Chii. For unknown reasons, Chii is kept inside of an alternative universe apart from the other Soulworkers. Upon leaving the Void, Chii arrives nearby Candus City and intercepts Kairon.

After being recognized as a Soulworker, Chii arrives in Candus City and joins the Starry Forest League in an attempt to find more information regarding Aruel. She enlists Shade's help to find Aruel's name within the Starry Forest database but is unable to find a person using the surname Aruel. Afterwards, she is introduced Henry to perform a DNA test to trace Aruel's ancestory but Henry denies Chii entry to the NED building in Candus. Henry does perform a blood test to confirm that Chii is indeed a Soulworker. She displays a deep hatred towards other SoulJunk and wishes to help humans.

The majority of the Candus City arc remains the same compared to the other Soulworkers with a few distinctions. When Chii encounters Baalride, she is able to converse him but ignores his questioning as to why Chii helps humans. The second is when Catherine wanders into abandoned mansion is not due to own free will but Roska luring her there as a mysterious voice in order to keep the timelines within each world consistent. In the climax of Candus City, Catherine is freed from the SoulReaver but is killed by Roska to keep the timelines intact. Everybody who witnessed Catherine's death was not able to see Roska and consequentially blamed Henyrk for her sudden mysterious death. Afterwards, Shiho laments that while Catherine could still be saved and understood Roska's intentions, Shiho did not appreciate Roska interfering with her duty recording the SoulSanctum and threatens to interfere if Roska does something again. Afterwards, Chii heads to Grace City to chase after Henryk.

Post World Merge