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Ein[1] or Ain[2], also known by the alias of Bernard, is a SoulWorker, the current leader of the Bernard Special Task Force in the Second Generation SoulWorker Unit, and is the current Deputy Commander of the SFL.

Before the Void

Ein's background before the Great Void is currently known. At some point in time, he was swallowed by the Great Void and left it as a SoulWorker.

Starry Forest League

The point of time where Ein joined the Starry Forest League is unknown;however, it is assumed that Ein was around while Ladi was in charge of the League since Ein served as his deputy. After Ladi's supposed death, Ein assumes Ladi's responsibilities and control of the League was managed by the Lords. His involvement with the Starry Forest League after Ladi's death is currently unconfirmed but he appears to be charge of managing the defenses in Eastern Cloudream. It has been noted by Toru that Ein claims that his strength has fallen and that he is not strong compared to his prime.

Edgar Raid

Just before the SoulWorker left the Great Void, Ein and Veneris were tasked with eliminating Mad Edgar in Rucco Town. The exact details of this mission are currently unknown and it is was believed that Ein and Veneris were successful in killing Edgar. However, in the Dipluce Horizon story, it is revealed that Edgar stole Veneris's identity and infiltrated the Starry Forest League.

Second Generation SoulWorker Unit

Under the instructions of the Lords, Ein is ordered to investigate Western Cloudream regarding the reports of six new SoulWorker who have recently appeared in Dipuce Horizon. He then uses the alias of "Bernard" to form the Bernard Special Task Force to investigate mysterious behavior in Western Cloudream. The members of his unit appear to value execution of orders above all others.


While Ein has not made an appearance in main story, he is mentioned a couple of times in main story and in a side quest. He is first mentioned in Chii Aruel's story during the Grace City where Chii learns about the current power structure of the League and how the Lords took power. Ein is only mentioned briefly as the deputy commander who assumes Ladi's duties while the Lords await Ladi's reappearance. He is briefly mentioned again towards the end of the Dipluce Horizon story after Edgar's escape and was stated that he was involved with eliminating Edgar alongside Veneris. In the revised Gronco story quest, he is mentioned as one of the SoulWorker candidates to subdue Gronco but Toru declines to request his assistance as Ein has stated that he is not as strong as he used to be in the past.

Plot Errors

In multiple character stories, it is mentioned that Veneris and Maverick were the sole survivors of Bitterly Wept the Stars and is explicitly stated that only "two" known SoulWorkers survived the conflict with possibly more hiding in fear. However, Ein does not appear to fit into any of these categories and it appears that he was retconned as a SoulWorker without revising the earlier story details.


  • His name appears to be a reference to the German number 1 with his relation to the first SoulWorker: Ladi.
  • For unknown reasons, the Gameforge version did not localize his name in any of the mentioned questlines


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