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Erwin Arclight is a SoulWorker and a member of the SoulWorker unit. He is a former SinWorker and one of the members of the SinWorkers that ravaged the Great Void. His betrayal of Grasscover Camp eventually leads to Haru Estia becoming a completed SinWorker and the fall of Grasscover. He is currently an active member of the SoulWorker unit after declining the leadership role.

Before the Void

Before the appearance of the Great Void, Erwin was a rare prodigy who won the newcomer's video game development reward. After winning the reward, Erwin felt empty and wished to find something fulfilling. Upon the appearance of the Great Void, Erwin decides to venture into the Great Void out of his own will in hopes of relieving his boredom.

The Great Void

At some point, Erwin joins the members of Grasscover Camp and aspires to become a SoulWorker. He shows very little interest with assisting the camp and shows his interest towards becoming a real SoulWorker rather than imitation like Lupan. Erwin eventually discovers Kant's identity as the mastermind behind the Great Void and decides to learn more about SinForce over SoulForce. He agitates Lilly into slicing his arm where Erwin slowly learns how to manipulate SinForce and is able to create near accurate clones of himself. He challenges Tenebris to a fight to display his new abilities but Tenebris worries that Erwin is taking the wrong path and tries to correct him. Erwin is uninterested in Tenebris's lecture and eventually learns about the captive Haru Estia.

He becomes interested with Haru and attempts to explore SinForce further and schemed to free Haru. He was able to trick Lupan into building a hot ballon as Tenebris's birthday present which he uses to escape from the camp when he uses his clone to distract Tenebris and Kant. Erwin is able to successfully escape with Haru and attempt to find a camp with a healer to fix his arm. The two encounter Azland Camp and Erwin intentionally hides their identities in hopes that the members of the camp would be able to accept Haru. Erwin does not get along with Baboru and calls him a cult leader. Inevitability word of Erwin's escape reached Azland Camp, and Baboru prepared to eliminate Haru. Baboru attempts to invite Erwin to join his side, but Erwin refuses and his clone was defeated. Erwin then attempts to find Haru but is stopped by Kant. Erwin is prepared to be killed by Kant but is surprised that Kant takes no further action. The two then walk towards a pile of corpses to discover that Haru has awakened to a completed SinWorker. He is tend given an ultimateum by Kant to become a SinWorker or be killed by Haru. Erwin gives up and becomes a SinWorker, and joins Haru's massacre. The other SinWorkers eventually join their group and their carnage causes Lakasha to intervene. He was defeated alongside the other SinWorkers and was placed into a parallel world before leaving the Great Void.

Erwin's World

Post World Merge