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The Golden Citadel is the fifth accessible ingame hub. It can be unlocked after completing Shiho's quest in Ruin Fortress after Level 55. After completing the quest, you can visit the Golden Citadel by talking to Nael in District 6. The Golden Citadel offers accesses to the Golden Citadel(Raid), and Primal Park raids and the Special District dungeons.


The Golden Citadel was formed after the clash between Lakasha and Kant, and the excess energy from their fight caused the sky to turn gold. Those who saw the golden light lost their minds and the event became known as the Golden Omen. During this time, the Starry Forest League sent Tenebris to deal with the threat. He was able to stop the threat and the Golden Citadel vanished. After Lakasha intervenes to save the player SoulWorker, the Blazing Voids appear and their collective energy gather in the sky. Lacking a form, the energy merged together with the Void Irregulus and become the Balance. The Balance then imitated the lingering SoulSanctum in the area which resurrected the Golden Citadel and brought forth the Golden Omen once more. The player is then ordered to eliminate the threat as Tenebris did in the past. The player is able to defeat the guardians of the Golden Citadel and the Balance was calmed, ending the Golden Omen.

The player eventually returns to the Golden Citadel to investigate the Blazing Void appears due to the chaos awakening. After defeating the Primal, Shiho states that the player is currently strong enough that Lakasha will not consider intervening again and the Primal will no longer resurrect. The Golden Citadel still remains and the Replica Program simulator built there later on.


Accessible Dungeons and Raids

  • Golden Citadel
  • Primal Park
  • Innocent Daydream
  • Innocent Daydream Second
  • Scary Daydream