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Grasscover Camp is the 5th town that accessed after reaching Level 55. It is the first playable location in the Great Void. You can enter Grasscover Camp by the portal in Rucco Town. Viilor's Altar and the Corrupted Records can be accessed in this town.


Grasscover Camp was formerly one of the most prosperous survivor settlements in the Great Void. Grasscover Camp was a survivor camp that was once led by Ladi, Tenebris, and Jin Seipatsu. The camp had the noble goal of rehabilitating SinWorkers into SoulWorkers. However, the camp was used by Kant as a breeding ground to create more SinWorkers and was able to eventually produce a completed SinWorker. The camp fell apart after Ladi and Tenebris left the Void and was eventually crushed by the SinWorkers. Former members of the camp also included: Kant,Miriam,Lilly Bloommerchen,Erwin Arclight and Iris Yuma.

The ruins of the encampment was later used as a base camp for the Starry Forest League's expedition force into the Void.


See Grasscover Camp(Story) for details.