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Haru Estia is a SoulWorker and the current leader of the Starry Forest League's Western Cloudream SoulWorker Unit. She was formerly a completed SinWorker and the leader of the SinWorkers that ravaged the inhabitants of the Great Void. She was regarded as the most dangerous SinWorker. At current moment, she is currently active with aiding the Western Forces against Kant and the Firestream Battalion.

Before the Void

Before the appearance of the Great Void, Haru lived with her mother after her father died in an accident. Afterward, Haru tried to work hard to become a doctor to help aid her mother. On the day that she passed her medical entrance exam, the Great Void appeared and destroyed her home. Haru was able to find her mother but only to see her slowly die under the collapsed rubble. Haru was overcome with grief and was swallowed into the Great Void.

The Great Void

Overcome with grief after her mother's death, Haru became a SinWorker upon entering the Great Void. She was discovered by Tenebris, who believed that she was a special case since she was able to wield a weapon like the other SoulWorkers. At this point of time, the members of Grasscover Camp did not yet understand SinForce and Haru was invited to Grasscover Camp. However, Haru was not able to get along with the other members of Grasscover Camp would often point her weapon towards them. She eventually loses her reasoning to go on rampage for revenge, killing many people in the process. She was eventually stopped by the members of Grasscover and was placed in solitary confinement until she calmed down. However, Haru would often refuse to cooperate with the camp members making her rehabilitation: a difficult process. Tenebris does allow her to roam around the camp as along as he or Ladi was watching over her but she would rarely venture out of her tent with the exception to break up Lilly and Iris's fight.

Eventually, Erwin becomes interested with SinForce and decides to learn more about Haru's overwhelming ability with SinForce. Kant explains to Erwin that Haru is currently his finest work and that she only needs a motive to push her into becoming a completed SinWorker. Erwin attempts to make her smile but she continually points her sword at him telling him to stop. He is able to motivate her by claiming that he knew the identity of the Great Void's creator but refrains from telling her due to Haru's initial response and out of fear that she would immediately run off to attack Kant. Erwin, not wanting Haru to stay confined to the camp or under Kant's influence, decides to help Haru flee from Grasscover Camp. Erwin was able to successfully trick Tenebris,Kant, and Lupan and was able to safely escape with Haru. Kant was angered with Erwin's trick and pursued Erwin by using the information network between the survivor camps.

Erwin and Haru travel outside of Grasscover Camp where their journey was described as hellish. They sought to find another survivor camp with the ability to heal Erwin's arm (due to him using it to create a clone) and eventually encountered Baboru and the members of Azland Camp. Erwin hides their identities in hope that the members of Azland Camp would be able to accept Haru. Haru is able to initially get along with Barber and the members of the camp along with Barber willing to teach Haru swordmanship as he described her movements to be flailing and wasteful. One day, Barber receives a notice from the survivor camps that a SinWorker has escaped from Grasscover Camp and deduces that it was Haru who escaped from Grasscover. After this realization,Barber prepares to strike down Haru. Erwin notices the commotion from Azland Camp and decides to send his clone to meet with Barber. Barber offers Erwin a chance to join him in taking down the monstrous SinWorker but Erwin refuses and his clone is struck down by Barber.

Worried about Haru, Erwin decides to find her but is stopped by Kant. Fearful of what Kant might do to Erwin's betrayal, Erwin was initially cautious of him. However, Kant states he has no intention of killing Erwin and states he should follow the road of bodies that piled up. Eventually, the two encounter Haru surrounded by the corpses of Azland camp. Haru,after Azland Camp's betrayal, comes to the realization that the Great Void and it's inhabitants are the source of her pain and suffering and decides to eliminate everything in relation to it. She awakens into a completed SinWorker during this event. Kant gives Erwin a choice to become a complete SinWorker or to die by Haru's hand. After witnessing the destruction of Azland Camp, Erwin becomes a completed SinWorker and joins Haru.

At some point, Lilly, Stella, Iris, and Jin join Haru's group and wreaked across in the Void. Rosca, fearful of a collective SinWorker group, decides to intervene and defeats the SinWorkers. However, Haru and Stella showed signs of possible regression into a SinWorker if they were expelled from the Great Void and as such Rosca decides to erase Haru and Stella's traumas from their memories and isolates the SinWorkers into their own separate world. Upon leaving the Great Void, Haru becomes a SoulWorker.

Haru's World

Haru arrives on the outskirts of Rucco town during Operation Lupine Night where she is discovered by the members of the Starry Forest League. Like the other SinWorkers, she also able to break Maverick's previous Record. She greets the members of Rucco Town and has a great interest with Seoni, a doctor within LuckForce. Seoni scolds Haru that her current work is nothing like what Haru remembers 15 years ago and that eleven people died in the Lupine Night operation.

The Merged Worlds

After the world merge, Haru and the rest of the SoulWorkers recollect the key events that have occurred in each of their own worlds. Erwin makes a suggestion that they should have a leader and the role falls onto Haru as the current data that exists in the world belongs to her. She ends up reluctantly accepting the role as she did not want to kill anyone as the leader. Upon arriving back to Grace City, Haru attempts to pass the leadership position onto Maverick. Maverick refuses as he was just assigned the role of commander of the ESP forces. This would allow the Lords to forcefully move all of the SoulWorkers to Eastern Cloudream and force them to abandon the defense effort for Grace City. Maverick states that she should accept the role and that there will be others to help her.

After the Grace Forces fall into Phlema's trap, Haru offers to take care of Phlema by herself but is stopped by Erwin. She gets into an argument with him that its the leader's responsbility to take care of the crisis but is stopped by Toru who tells the unit to continue pursuing Phlema.