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Henry was the leader of NED Company's Western Cloudream branch and was responsible for the SoulDreg Queen and Blood SoulWorker Projects, and the downfall of Candus City and Dipluce Horizon. He was a major antagonist during the Candus City, Grace City,Ruin Fortress, and Dipluce Horizon arcs and the main cause for the player's thirst for revenge. He was killed by the player SoulWorker after he becomes a SoulDreg.


Henry was a NED Company scientist who rose up the ranks and became the branch manager for Western Cloudream. He has a desire to use his work to defeat the Bashai threat and advance human progression. He eventually becomes the director of the Blood SoulWorker Project and becomes involved with many projects involving the usage of Pike and SoulDregs. After success of Ravan, he leaves Blood SoulWorker project to Dr. Stoph. At some point in time, he encountered Luna Nox and was able to capture her after a struggle. Henry then launches the SoulDreg Queen project in Dipluce Horizon in order to find if SoulDregs could be controlled by using the SinForce of Honor from one of Nihil's Throne princesses. However, NED Company becomes fearful of political retaliation, pulls the project funding and orders Henry to release Luna Nox.

As Henry angrily abandoned the project, Shinjin Industries intervenes to give Henry the necessary funding to reboot the project. With enough funds, Henry secretly continues the SoulDreg Queen project. He was successfully and turned Luna Nox into a SoulDreg Queen. After some time, Luna Nox went berserk and killed a majority of the scientists turning them into SoulDregs; plunging Dipluce Horizon and Candus City into a hellhole. Henry managed to survive and began work on the SoulPipe project until it ended and eventually establishes a secret lab in Candus City. In Candus City, he would continue his research on the SoulDregs and attempted to produce a second SoulDreg Queen. He fails to create another SoulDreg Queen and loses the N303 lab due to the SoulReaver and Mad Manic experiments going out of control. He then quietly manages the sewer system in Candus City while hiding evidence of his work until the player SoulWorker arrives.

After securing the coastal supply line, the SoulWorker was asked to investigate the Candus City sewers due to a mysterious blockage. The Starry Forest League ends up discovering SoulDregs in the sewer system, scientists who became SoulDregs and Baalride. Aware of his crimes, the Starry Forest League attempts to find hard evidence of NED Company's wrongdoings and approaches the abandoned NED Company manor to find documents. However, Catherine becomes infected with Pike and slowly turns into a SoulDreg. In order to help Catherine, the Starry Forest League offers to erase evidence of his crimes if he could cure Catherine. He agrees to cooperate and tells the Starry Forest League a series of instructions to create an antidote. Shortly after the medicine is given to Catherine, SoulDreg activity in Candus City dramatically spikes and Henry offers the Starry Forest League, transporters, to aid with their escape. Due to the strange nature of the SoulDreg activity, he tells Aaron to abandon Catherine in order to save the citizens of Candus City. Aaron strongly refuses and the research effort continues. At the end of the Candus City story, Catherine perishes and Henry leaves to Grace City. Catherine's death becomes the a major catalyst for the SoulWorker's and the members of the Candus City Starry Forest Squad wish for vengeance against Henry.

There a few story variations for each character. In the former SinWorker storylines, Henry gives Catherine a fake antidote which accelerated her SoulDreg transformation and would have eventually caused her to become a SoulDreg. After confirming the success of the Amaryllis project, Henry receives a promotions and leaves for Grace City at the end of the arc. In Chii Aruel's story, Henry agrees to help Catherine only if he is allowed to experiment on Chii. She agrees to cooperate and Henry gives Catherine the proper medicine to heal her. However, Catherine still dies and her death is blamed on Henry. Instead of receiving a promotion, he leaves Candus City out of fears of retaliation. In Ephnel's story, she threatens to kill Henry if he does not give up the antidote for Catherine. He ends up cooperation and the story events are similar to Chii's story but she witnessed Lakasha kill Catherine and does not have a specific desire for revenge.

Upon arriving in Grace City, Henry heads to NED Company where it was shortly attacked by the rebels of the Firestream Battalion. Due to the unethical means used to produce the results of the Amaryllis project and Henry leaving evidence, NED Company abandons Henry, labeling him a traitor and frames him for supplying the Taifon technology to the Firestream Battalion. Godren decides to leak Henry's location to the Starry Forest League and they pursue him to Area 9. He attempts to use Ravan to stop the SoulWorker and fails but managed to escape. Afterwards, he begs Godren to shelter him, who refuses and tells Henry to turn himself in or perish. Shocked by the result, Henry decides to go Dipluce Horizon and recapture the SoulDreg Queen.

He is ultimately able to ally with the remaining members of Luna Nox's knighthood and provides them information on how to reach her. During an unknown point of time, Nathan decides to act as Henry's bodyguard. The Starry Forest Squad in Candus City begins to pursue him after receiving word from Orca Unit that he was in Dipluce Horizon. Afterwards the Starry Forest Squad attempts to quickly build a transporter to find Henry and the SoulDreg Queen. In attempt to slow the SFL down, he offers a portion of his mercenary force to aid with Greywell's rebellion. Unfortunately, the rebellion was quickly squashed due to Edgar's intervention and the SFL continues with the transporter.

The SFL eventually manages to catch up to Henry and he attempts to use the SoulDreg Queen to kill the SoulWorker using a special device that he constructed. The device fails to do anything and he is attacked by a SoulReaver and suffers the same fate as Catherine to become a SoulDreg. He begs for mercy but was killed by the SoulWorker.