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Iris Yuma was a member of the affluent Yuma family and is currently a SoulWorker affiliated with the Starry Forest League. During her time in the Void, she was the leader of the anti-SinWorker faction in Grasscover Camp and was a SoulForcer who become a SinWorker. After Ladi's disappearance and Haru's and Erwin's escape from Grasscover, Iris become frustrated with the camp's leadership and left the camp. She eventually grew conceited with power after leaving and becomes a SinWorker. At some point, she joins the group of completed SinWorkers behind the massacre in the Great Void. She was defeated by Lakasha and becomes a SoulWorker shortly after leaving the Great Void.

Before the Great Void

Iris was the youngest daughter of the Yuma family and was raised strictly to become it's successor. She did not have much freedom as a young child as she was expected to follow her parents but felt oppressed. One day, Iris defended her friend from a bully but was reprimanded for going to far. She was scolded by her family and runs away in part of their response. As she driving her motorcycle, Iris wished for her family to disappear as they were oppressing her. Afterwards, the Great Void appears around the vicinity of her home. Startled by the emergency notice, Iris quickly runs back home to discover that her home was destroyed and her family has perished. Iris weeps for them as she did not mean for them to suddenly disappear. Afterwards, she is sucked into the Great Void.

The Great Void

At some point in time, Iris become a SoulForcer and was a member of the Grasscover refuge camp. Iris would often prioritize results over causalities when it came to securing supplies. At one point, she led a risky endeavor towards securing food within the ruins of a shopping and was able to secure supplies but led to numerous causalities. The members of the camp did not mind losses but were appreciative for the food. As a result, she would get into fights with Tenebris and Jin regarding the safety of the camp. Iris opposed Tenebris's preferential treatment of the SinWorkers and attempted to place blame on the captive SinWorkers. These arguments would start off small but eventually grew to the point that Iris used a camp member's death to blame Tenebris's leadership. After Ladi's disappearance and Erwin's betrayal, Iris decides to leave Grasscover Camp with a faction of the camp members who held grudges against the SinWorkers.

Iris eventually grew conceited with the power of the leadership position and acted as a dictator in her group and ignored the opinions of others. Her thirst for power eventually causes her to become a SinWorker and ironically joins the group of SinWorkers in the Great Void. She was defeated alongside the SinWorkers and was banished from the Great Void. After being told of her duty in the world, Iris descends from the Great Void and becomes a SoulWorker shortly after.

Iris's World

Post-World Merge