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Kent (켄트 Kent) is the current adminstrator god of Stair Oroboroi and is a major antagonist in the SoulWorker story. He becomes bored with supervising his home planet and the Vessi and becomes interested with the citizens of Second Stair. While Second Stair has achieved great prosperity under Rosca's supervision, Kent believes that humans were susceptible to Desire Energy and that their unique desires would prove to be more interesting compared to the simplistic Vessi desires. As a result, he conducts a plan to usurp the control of Second Stair away from Rosca with the creation of the Vacuum and is able to taint a significant portion of the planet with Desire Energy. He is ultimately responsible for the destruction of both planets along with being the mastermind behind a majority of the story events in game such as Ladi's assassination, the Serenade Guild's rebellion, downfall of Grasscover Camp, and the Firestream Battalion's assault on Grace City. His exact motives are unclear but the "Plan" is ongoing without problems.


The Void

Before the creation of the Vacuum, Kent was an administrator god responsible for maintaining the schedule of Stair Oroboroi and its denizens: the Vessi. Under his supervision, the planet was filled with Desire Energy and was a barren wasteland where the Vessi followed their desires faithfully. However, he becomes bored with the Vessi as their material desires were overly simplistic and lays eyes on the citizens of Second Stair. He became interested with humanity and sought to use Desire Energy as a means to unlock humanity's complex desires. Despite humanity's prosperity via cooperation, Kent believed that humans would be break under pressure and sought a way to seize the planet for himself. Because Second Stair was controlled by Rosca, he conducts a plan to seize the control of the planet from her and creates the Vacuum.

the Vacuum was an energy transport tunnel created with the Desire Energy from Stair Oroboroi and the shattering of the book. This event causes both home worlds to be destroyed and allows Kent to taint the survivors with Desire Energy. At some point in time, Kent decides to infiltrate one of the newly founded survivor camps in the Void: Grasscover Camp. He claims that he is a SoulForcer with the ability to manipulate gravity and is able to join camp; becoming one of the camp's key members. However, Kent treated the camp as his experimental lab with very few people suspecting him.

During his time in the camp, the members thought he was delusional due to his claims of his "hidden power" sealed within his arm and the "Black Flame Dragon Master." In reality, Kent subtly manipulated the members of the camp into falling with their own desires in order to eventually produce a DesireWorker. Erwin Arclight managed to guess his identity but decided to briefly cooperate with Kent instead. He was almost able to push Haru Estia into becoming a completed DesireWorker but Erwin betrays him and attempted to treat Haru. Unfortunately, the distrust regarding DesireWorkers causes Haru to awaken as a completed DesireWorker and Kent corners Erwin into becoming a DesireWorker. Sometime later, Kent decides to come along with Ladi to look for survivors and the two encounter Stella Unibell. Ladi attempted multiple times to convince Stella to join the camp but she refused. After an unknown series of events, Ladi was able to uncover Kent's identity and was banished from the Void. He left a memo regarding Kent's identity but it was not discovered until the present events of the game.

Ladi's disappearance causes Tenebris to despair and Iris's desertion severely weakens him. Kent decides to take advantage of this and is able to manipulate Tenebris into assisting him with pushing Stella into a DesireWorker. After some unknown events, Kent was able to push Iris Yuma into becoming a DesireWorker as well. After some period of time, Tenebris discovers Kent's identity but losses to him and was banished from the Void. Sometime after Tenebris's disappearance, Kent has a conversation with Maverick about the recent chain of events in both of their camps. Kent asks Maverick about the rumors regarding the domestication of SoulDregs where he learns about the existance of Chii and Aruel. He ultimately questions Maverick's judgment for allowing a SoulDreg roam freely but Maverick states that he has no intention of separating the two. Kent begins to secretly question if SoulDregs could obtain emotions but notes that even if an exception would to occur, it would not be a hindrance to his grand scheme. Afterwards, Maverick offers Grasscover Camp to join Dunforrid since the responsibility of leading a camp would be too much for Jin Seipatsu. Kent refuses the offer since the camp is not used to a nomadic lifestyle and their current members have their own suspicions about Dunforrid. Eventually, Kent manages to turn Jin into a DesireWorker and Grasscover Camp ceased to exist. Afterward, he manipulates the DesireWorkers to do his biddings within the Vacuum leading to a great massacre.

Starry Forest League's founding

At some point in time, Kent leaves the Vacuum and infiltrates the Starry Forest League founded by Ladi. During his time in the Starry Forest League, he took on the name of Amad (Roy/Roi). About a month after the League's founding, Kent kidnaps Ladi and causes the breakdown of peace negotiations between humanity and the Vessi. He is able to convert Ladi into a puppet version of a DesireWorker and secretly hides him away where Ladi was not shown until the main story. At some point in time, Kent encounters Rosca and the two battle against each other in the skies. Their resulting fight causes the initial creation of the Balance and the Golden Citadel and Tenebris's fame as the strongest SoulWorker. Kent then forms a ceasefire agreement with Rosca on the basis of limiting their intervention with the world. However, the exact details of this agreement are unclear but it was considered to be breached when Rosca intervenes to save the former DesireWorker from Suzie and to maintain the schedule order by killing Catherine and Yop. Afterwards, he met with Tenebris again and convinces him to follow his own version of justice to break away from the SFL's treatment of SoulForcers and SoulWorkers.

Tenebris then forms the Serenade Guild and launches a rebellion against the SFL. Rosca suspected that the Serenade Guild's movements were unusual and proceeds to annihilate them. Kent's plan to create an army of DesireWorkers was ultimately foiled but he was able to discover Tenebris who was suspected to be dead from Rosca's attack. Afterwards, Tenebris takes on the name of Neb (Neb) and becomes a major sponsor for the SFL while plotting its downfall. Kent would assist Neb as "Amad" and as his acting nurse. He ultimately plays a role with suppressing Tenebris's power so the SFL is unable to recognize him. A year prior to the start of the main story, Kent appears before the Firestream Battalion and challenges Phlema to a duel. Phlema easily lost to Kent and he takes control of the Firestream Battalion. The previous generals of Firestream Battalion hated Kent, disserted the group and sought a way to defeat Kent. The dissenters did not agreed with humanity's cooperation and were mistaken for the Firestream Battalion's main army. Because of the Starry Forest League's zero tolerance policy with Vessi cooperation, the two groups continued to fight against the wrong enemy.

Main Story:Parallel Worlds

He is first introduced to the SoulWorker as Neb's nurse and somebody who appears to have delusions of grandeur. He appeared to be expecting one of his former DesireWorkers in Grace City and asks the SoulWorker if they are aware of the names of the other DesireWorkers. He takes part in Operation Flamebreaker as one of the few reinforcements for the operation. He ultimately realizes that somebody leaked the information regarding the operation and it is too late to save the remaining survivors. The SoulWorker does not give up and attempts to rescue the last survivors. He secretly appears before Medo after the SoulWorker leaves Grace City and offers him the world to destroy the world. Medo accepts and becomes able to manipulate Desire Energy. After the events of Ruin Fortress, Kent realizes that Rosca has breached their ceasefire agreement and shatters another book; causing the Blazing Voids to reappear and Gronco's seal to be broken.

He creates a Blazing Void in Rucco Town that allows safe passage between the Vacuum and sends a tip to the SFL about this information. The Starry Forest League responds quickly and sends the SoulWorker and its ESP unit over to Rucco Town in order to explore the Void. As the SoulWorker traveled in the Scaredy Cat Radar story, Kent creates a Desire Energy copy of the SoulWorker's Shadow Walker uses it to taunt them. When the SoulWorker defeats Amaryllis illusion, Kent appears before the SoulWorker to greet them. He congratulates the SoulWorker for making it this far but questions how they were able to defeat a Shadow Walker. He attempts to convince the SoulWorker to join him and not act as Rosca's pawn but fails. He disappears afterward and the SoulWorker runs off to investigate Amad in Grace City. In Grace City, Toru and Ava claim that Neb and Amad recently went on vacation and do not have a clue where they went off to. The SoulWorker receives help from the Heavy Artillery using the city's surveillance network to uncover a hint where he might have left off to but they suddenly vanished from the cameras.

Unable to find more information, the SoulWorker heads back to Grasscover Camp with Maverick as an reinforcement. As the SoulWorker returned to the camp, a majority of the SoulForcers in camp become delusional and run off on their own. While the SoulWorker went off to investigate Kent, he decided to poison the majority of the SFL members in Grasscover Camp with his Desire Energy turning them into incomplete DesireWorkers. The SoulWorker and Maverick attempt to chase Kent in order to discover his plans. He mocks the SFL for losing support of NED Company and laughs at Maverick's inability to use SoulForce. The League was able to pinpoint his location to an abandoned factory in the Vacuum and followed him there. There, the SoulWorker discovers that Kent was behind Ladi's assassination and attempted to ask about his intentions. Kent does not answer the SoulWorker and decides to retreat but his actions wiped out half of the Starry Forest League's Western ESP unit.

He then decides to make his preparations to invade Grace City but tells Neb not to kill the SoulWorker if he encounters them in Dipluce Horizon.

Main Story:Merged World

After Rosca uses up her power to merge the divided worlds into one, Tenebris laughs and states that Kent is in trouble due to the recent change. Wishing not to expend any further power, Tenebris returns to Kent and prepares for the Western War effort. Kent leaves the initial war effort up to Phlema and watches the fight unfold between Grace City and the Firestream Battalion. After Medo fails to supress the SoulWorker Unit at Ruin Fortress, he decides to leave Western Cloudream and unite the Vacuum Fanatics against the other Vessi who refuse to fall under Kent's rule. Kent and Phlema do not seem to mind Medo's intentions and lets run as he pleases.

He is displeased when Phlema decides to go against his orders and takes on the eight SoulWorkers stating that the Vessi are too simplistic and predictable. He laments that as a number of unexpected things have occured such as Naomin's betrayal, the loss of the six DesireWorkers, Sola Nox's strange movements, and the Natal Sloth's sudden desire to resurrect human society. After Phelma's death, the Starry Forest League suspects that Kent and Tenebris are currently hiding in District 6 as a mysterious amount of energy is gathering in the area.

Kent appears to unfazed with the recent developments as Tenebris's energy collection has not been disturbed and states that it is time for a great festival to occur.


  • Gravity Manipulation
  • Large Quantity of Desire Energy - According to Yorhaka, Kent has an overwhelming amount of Desire Energy that cannot be neutralized by his VoidForce. If the two were to fight against each other, Yorhaka would likely prefer to commit suicide before submitting to him.


  • Name is localized as Kent in the KR version but localized as Kent in the JP/GF versions