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Lord or Ladi[1]was the original founder of the Starry Forest League and was the first discovered SoulWorker. He was also the first leader of Grasscover Camp in the Great Void. Shortly after the founding of the Starry Forest League, Lord was "assassinated" and his "death" sparked a war between humanity and the Bashai. He is rediscovered as an experimental SinWorker by the player SoulWorker. He gives a short message to the player shortly before his death.


During his time in the Great Void, Lord organized a large survivor camp and recruited powerful allies such as Tenebris, Miriam, Kant, Iris Yuma, and Jin Seipatsu. Due to his wish of desiring to save every single human, Lord was the first person to become a SoulWorker among the camp survivors. His ideals and strong sense of justice eventually inspired Tenebris to become a SoulWorker as well. He had a noble goal of rehabilitating SinWorkers into SoulWorkers since Relfenne was able to become a SoulWorker with Tenebris' help. He was mostly responsible for watching over the camp, the captive SinWorkers and organizing his own search parties to look for survivors.

At one point, Lord's search party ran into a rumor about a potential SinWorker with wolves who was apparently indiscriminately attacking others. He was able to discover the suspect, only to learn that she was a lonely child who become a SoulForcer. After an unknown series of events, Lord was able to partially grasp Kant's identity and was consequentially banished from the Great Void.

After leaving the Great Void, Lord was able to form the Starry Forest League under the banner of humanity's hope. His greatest accomplishment during his tenure was sealing Gronco in District 6. He was eventually able to set up peace talks with the Bashai but was assassinated shortly after the founding of the Starry Forest League. His death becomes spark for the Great Bashai War. Afterwards, his duties are taken over by his deputy Ein, and the Lords. Tenebris was able to learn about his death from another survivor in the Great Void and became depressed. This caused Tenebris to have a lapse in his judgment and unintentionally helping Kant turn Stella into a SinWorker by believing that Stella was behind Lord's disappearance.

In actuality, Lord was kidnapped by Kant and underwent experiments with SinForce to eventually become an incomplete SinWorker obeying Kant's commands. He is slain by the played SoulWorker during his encounter with them in Dead Factory and passes on a note to Tenebris stating that he was unable to die. Per the Tenebris spirit's wishes, the player SoulWorker looks for the autobiography that Lord had always kept on him to discover what occurred in his final moments. The player is able to find his diary which details his encounter with Stella Unibell, with the final page of his diary stating "Kant is not a human."


Lord had a habit of keeping a journal to keep track of history and would often be seen writing in it to the dismay of the members in the camp. He was known to be Tenebris's rival and would often fight with Tenebris to determine who had the stronger sense of justice.


SoulForce - Salvation: Lord is able to draw SoulForce from his desire to save every human being inside of the Great Void. He does not hesitate to help the SinWorkers.

SoulWorker: Lord is regarded as a powerful SoulWorker as he was able to seal Gronco in District 6 and was primarily left to watch over the camp or the SinWorkers.


  1. Gameforge localization that can still be found in the quests