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Miriam is a SoulForcer affiliated with the Starry Forest League's LuckForce unit in Rucco Town. She is Tenebris's former lover. Her current rank in the Starry Forest League is Captain.


Before the events of the Great Void, Miriam worked as a nurse. When the Great Void occurred, she was swallowed into it and became a SoulForcer. She was affiliated with Grasscover Camp during her time in the Great Void and acted as the group's healer. She enters a relationship with Tenebris during this time and often took part in the search parties.

At some point of time, Miriam was banished from the Great Void and was rescued by Tenebris. Due to the amnesia loss from exiting the Great Void, the two do not remember each other but enter a relationship once more. She then joins LuckForce and quickly increases her rank due to her capabilities as a healer and become one of Western Cloudream's best known medics. When Tenebris started a rebellion against the Starry Forest League, Miriam was accused of the same crimes as him and was forced to deny Tenebris's ideals to prove her innocence. After the events of Bitterly Wept the Stars, Miriam heavily regrets betraying Tenebris and is unable to forget about him. At some point in time, she was assigned to the LuckForce stationed in Rucco Town and helped rescue survivors from the Great Void.

She takes part in the Lupine Night Operation to rescue the former SinWorker who had just fallen from the Great Void and performs a medical check for them. She suspects the player is potentially a SoulWorker and is reminded of Tenebris. She gives a tour of Rucco Town to the player but is asked to search the mining site due to reports of child wandering the area. Miriam was able to find the child and protected it against Oboron. She is unable to defend against Oboron for long and is rescued by the player who ascends into a SoulWorker. Throughout the events of Rucco Town, the player reminds her of Tenebris and attempts to warn them about losing their way. If the player chooses Erwin, Miriam heavily emphasizes that she's nothing more than just an extra when denying Erwin's joking statatement that she would be the main heroine of the story along with him after becoming a Soulworker, that being an indirect confirmation of her self-loathing due to the previous events of the main story. Furthermore, depending on the character that the player has chosen, Miriam even denies that Tenebris was her ex and pushes the player towards Candus City.

Sometime later, Miriam was assigned to be a part of the expedition group to investigate the Great Void. Upon re-entering the Great Void, Miriam encounters Tenebris's ghost and is reminded of her betrayal and avoids him. She attempts to indirectly tell the player about her worries that she worried if that Tenebris still remembers her after the Great Void. She also eavesdrops on the player and Tenebris's conversation when Tenebris reveals the former SinWorker's past and questions their reason for saving people. Miriam encourages the depressed player stating that they have saved people and would continue to do so. During Kant's influence over the ESP unit, Miriam was affected and went into a frenzy searching for people to heal, overworks herself, and expresses her regret for betraying Tenebris. Tenebris steps in to calm Miriam and tells her of their past during their time in the Great Void. Tenebris expresses his regret of being unable to protect Miriam in the Great Void and leaving her inside the Void by herself. Miriam was able to calm down and became interested in the fact that they were able to become lovers during and after the Great Void. Afterwards, Miriam became very attached to Tenebris's ghost and did not leave his side. Due to Tenebris lacking a physical body, Miriam helps him read Ladi's notes.

She appears in the SinWorker questline to activate the brooch that suppresses the SoulWorker's SinForce in case of an emergency.