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Ruin Fortress is the fourth city region that can be accessed.


Ruin Fortress is a large research lab constructed by NED Company with the backing of the Cloudream Banking Alliance. It is the main research facility for the Ark Project and subsequent sub-projects such as the Blood SoulWorker, Ressurection, and Baalride. After Suzie's rampage, NED Company amasses multiple weapons to stop her and managed to seal her. Fearful of Suzie escaping, NED Company reinforces the facility to become an impregnable fortress,shutting off the projects and abandoning the area.

Ruin Fortress is powered by the Buster Cores, a LXT that Ruin Fortress managed to obtain. After the events of Ruin Fortress, Avon secretly hides the Blood SoulWorkers from the Starry Forest League for their safety and acted as assistants for Dr. Frances. Toru managed to obtain a tip that Blood SoulWorkers were in Ruin Fortress and was ordered to investigate but was unable to find them. At the start of the West War arc, Avon reveals that he was hiding them and sends the SoulWorkers to go and pick up them up.


  • Avon
  • Amanda
  • Betty
  • Kasen
  • Naomam
  • Dr. Stoph
  • Abel
  • Ian
  • Dr. Frances