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Stair Second is a planet located in the SoulWorker Universe and is the main setting of the game. Stair Second was considered to be a technologically advanced planet equivalent to modern-day Earth inhabited by humanity until the events of the Great Void. Lakasha and Akasha are the known gods of Second Stair.

The Great Void caused multiple natural disasters which lead to the destruction of multiple cities and displacement of human civilization. Multiple rescue groups were created in order to help survivors and the effort continued until the Bashai appeared. The appearance of the Great Void also affected Stair Obororoi and caused the Bashai to appear on Second Stair after a year of its initial appearance. Due to the confusion between both home worlds, the Bashai and humanity fought against one another in order to understand their situation. However, humanity was overpowered by the Bashai due to their superhuman abilities stemming from SinForce and significantly pushed humanity back. A ceasefire agreement occurred when the SoulDregs first appeared and led to a cultural exchange between the two sides. As a result, humanity was able to significantly advance their technology based on Bashai knowledge. Sometime after, SoulWorkers appeared and gave humanity hope once more.

The destruction of Second Stair was caused by Kant who had an interest in humanity and wished to see their potential when imbued with pure SinForce. The administrator god of Second Stair, Lakasha, is aware of the threat,attempts to save the planet, but fails and caused the Great Void expand further. Lakasha states that the planet is inevitably doomed to be swallowed by the Great Void and attempts to create an unseen future by placing her hopes onto the former SinWorkers and the Irregularities.