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The Starry Forest League, commonly abbreviated as the SFL is a military organization created during the end times of humanity. It is currently the largest human organization to defend against the Soul Junk and the Vessi. They are often considered the polar opposite of NED Company, and work alongside them but are often at odds with one another. The SFL is controlled by the absolute order of the Lords


The League was originally founded by the first SoulWorker, Lord gathering multiple |Supernaturals and SoulWorkers under his wing in order to launch a counterattack against hostile enemies. Under his leadership, the SFL managed to repossess lost land from the Vessi and were able to broker peace talks between the Vessi. However, shortly after the SFL's founding, Lord was supposed assassinated and his death led to the war with the Vessi. After his death, the Lords quickly assumed power and ruled over humanity.

War Criticisms

As the banner of rescuing humanity, the SFL easily attracted Supernaturals and SoulWorkers to join the SFL with very few exceptions joining NED Company. As a result, many commanders within the SFL often treated their soldiers as expendable tools and often pursued reckless campaigns. With post-Vacuum era medicine, the SFL became able to heal severe wounds and continually sent their soldiers to fight despite being mentally broken by their injuries. The doctors who were involved with treating the wounded became disillusioned with their role but had no choice to continue.

After some period of time, a group of SoulWorkers led by Tenebris became unsatisfied with the SFL's treatment and planned a rebellion against the SFL for better treatment. The SFL almost fell against the rebels but were annihilated by Rosca. The incident led to the loss of nearly all of the SFL's SoulWorkers and severely weakened the SFL. Presently, the SFL is currently fighting a losing war against the Vessi.


The Starry Forest League has a para-military structure which is run by the Lords and the military force. While the order of the Lords are considered absolute, they do not seem to have direct authority with organizing troops for each region in Cloudream.

Groups Notes
Lords Highest Authority in the SFL
Force Strike Main military force
Fortune Corps Medical unit
Heavy Gears Engineering Department/Artillery Support
ESP Supernaturals combat unit
Orca Espionage and Intelligence gathering
2nd Generation SoulWorker Experimental Combat unit


These groups are not directly controlled by the SFL but closely affiliated with them.

Name Notes
NED Company Main supplier
Starry Forest Lab Research and development
Booker's Hand Information gathering

Translation Issues

The Gameforge version occasionally refers to the SFL by its German name, Sternhain.