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Stella Unibell is a girl with the ability to see ghosts. She is currently affiliated with the Starry Forest League and travels along her with ghost friends. During her time in the Great Void, Stella was a SoulForcer who become a SinWorker due to Kant's influence and eventually joined the SinWorkers behind the massacre. She was defeated by Lakasha and becomes a SoulWorker shortly after leaving the Great Void. Due to Stella's immense trauma, Lakasha decides to erase Stella's memories from before the Great Void.

Before the Void

Before the Great Void, Stella was a lonely girl who eventually obtained the ability to listen to ghosts. However, everybody around Stella believed her to be creepy girl as she appeared to be talking to herself. As a result, she was ostracized by those around her including her own parents. As the Great Void appeared, people blamed Stella for its occurrence and wished for her to disappear. As a result, Stella leaves into the Great Void hoping to find a friend.

The Great Void

Upon on arrival in the Great Void, Stella wandered together with her ghosts in hopes being able to find a human friend. She was discovered by Ladi's search party on multiple occasions but was driven off by the Old Man. As Ladi continually attempts to approach Stella, he inevitably discovers Kant's secret and is banished from the Great Void. Ladi leaves his notebook behind as a warning for the other members of Grasscover Camp. At one point, Stella encounters Catherine and the two become friends while traveling the Great Void.

One day, Grasscover Camp received word that a member of the search party was attacked by a young SinWorker in purple clothing surrounded by clothing. Tenebris was eventually convinced by Kant to abandon Ladi's wishes and decides to search for Stella. They eventually discover Stella and Catherine but Kant was able to persuade Tenebris that Stella was taking Catherine as a hostage to protect herself. As result, Tenebris clashes with the Old Man ,and in the midst of the confusion, Kant was able to separate Catherine from Stella, causing her to despair that everybody is attempting to get in the way of her happiness. Kant then makes his way towards Stella, where he reveals his true abilities and easily defeats Stella. Stella's defeat causes her to fall into despair and turns her into a SinWorker. Kant then appears to partially erase Stella's memories to state that when she reawakens she only see a world tainted in black.

At some point of time, Stella becomes a completed SinWorker and joins the other SinWorkers behind the massacre in the Great Void. Stella was defeated alongside the other SinWorkers but Lakasha decides to erases Stella's trauma from before the Void to help her not despair. Afterwards, Stella is banished from Great Void into a parallel world and becomes a SoulWorker shortly after.

Stella's World

Post World Merge