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This page contains links to the main story arc pages and important events in the game's story. Important events that occurred before the start of the game are gathered in the Prelude section while major story arcs appear in the Main Story Section. There are a couple of side arcs that exist within the main story but their exact timeline isn't well known. Currently, the timeline is approximated to the current story arc where it first appears or after the last finished story arc. The introduction was found from one of the earliest teasers of the game and due to certain content updates, it might not be completely accurate. You can look at Key Points page to see what major story events have occurred as well.


The Great Void
An unprecedented disaster suddenly strikes Cloudream.

A massive black hole appears and covers the sky in an ominous purple that swallowed everything.

The destructive phenomenon destroyed the fruits of civilization and mankind's progression.

The world fell part.

As if to crush humanity's hopes, alien creatures began to appear from the Great Void.

SoulDregs: Beings without intellect, followed their innate desire to merge with objects that they have devoured.

Bashai: Demon-like beings with the same appearance and tongue as humanity.

These beings began to ravage Cloudream, like a violent beast chasing it's newfound prey.

Humanity was unable to confront these beings.

Humanity, struggling to survive in a world destroyed by the Void had no power to left to fend against these alien creatures.

While people were despairing and were losing to their will to life, the Great Void opened once more and new beings descended to the world.

Those to who have descended were a grace from the heavens.

They were known as the SoulForcers.

When inhabitants of the Void descend onto the planet once more, they obtain power.

The power to defend against an unknown world.

Among them are those powerful enough to challenge the unknown world, the SoulWorkers.

Rallying behind them, a group was formed to fight against the unknown world.

Eventually, they were known as the Starry Forest League, who symbolized a ray of hope within the Great Disaster and guarded like a great forest.

With the formation of the Starry Forest League, the war shifted towards humanity.

After a while, humanity began to despair once more on their dwindling forces.

Even if it is just for one, humanity prays for another hope from the heavens.

One day, the Great Void, inanimate for 15 years begins to move once more.

What came down from the Void was a ray of light.

Bathed in brilliant gold, the light cuts through the night sky.


Prelude Events
Before the Great Void
The Great Bashai War
Bitterly Wept the Stars
The Massacre

Main Story

Season 1
Main Chapters Side Arcs
Chapter 0: Lupine Night
Chapter 1: Awakening
Chapter 2: Skies of Sorrow
Chapter 3: Disaster
Chapter 4: The Wheel Begins to Roll The Blazing Voids
Grasscover Camp Advancement

Corrupted Records

Dipluce Horizon Corrupted Records
Lunar Fall
West War