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This page contains a rough timeline of the events that occur in SoulWorker. Keep in mind that time does not flow normally within the Great Void and multiple events can occur on the outside world before time passes in the Great Void. There are a couple inconsistencies with the game timeline's which are explained in the Plot Errors/Inconsistencies page but the dates found in game and in the promotional videos are kept here for easier record keeping.

Void Calender

  • [Year 0] The Appearance of the Great Void
  • [Year 0,Month 6] Jin Seipatsu enters the Great Void
  • [Year 1] Bashai appear on Second Stair
  • [Year 1] The Great Bashai War starts
  • [Year 2] SoulDregs appear from the Great Void and a temporary ceasefire was formed
  • [Year 2-3] Humanity and the Bashai exchange information
  • [Year 3] First appearance of the SoulForcers and SoulWorkers
  • [Year 3] Ladi appears the first SoulWorker
  • [Year 3] Formation of the Starry Forest League
  • [Year 3] NED Company focuses on ammunition and become a large corporation.
  • [Year 3] Starry Forest League attempts to create a formal peace agreement with the Bashai
  • [Year 3] One month later, Ladi was assassinated
  • [Year 3] Creation of the SFL Lords
  • [Year 3] Ein takes over Ladi's responsibilities but the leadership role was taken over the Lords
  • [Year 3] Peace Talks break down and The Great Bashai War resumes
  • [Year 5] Tenebris leaves the Great Void and appears on Second Stair
  • [After Year 5] Lakasha and Kant clash, leading to the creation of the Golden Citadel
  • [After Year 5] Tenebris solves the Golden Omen
  • [After Year 5] Tenebris is hailed as the strongest SoulWorker
  • [After Year 5] Tenebris begins to have doubts about the Starry Forest League and is approached by Amad.
  • [Year 10] Maverick leaves the Great Void
  • [Year 10] The Serenade Guild was formed and rebelled against the Starry Forest League
  • [Year 10] Lakasha appears to eliminate the Serenade Guild and a majority of the SoulWorkers involved perished. Veneris and Maverick were the only known survivors. There may have been other survivors who went into hiding after the event. Tenebris was presumed dead by the Starry Forest League but survives and hides his identity as Nathan. The Great Void expands once more and Maverick was hailed as a hero for ending the rebellion. That day was known as Bittery Wept the Stars.
  • [After Year 10] Maverick develops PTSD after the event and begins to lose the ability to use SoulForce
  • [After Year 10] Nathan appears as a sponsor for the Starry Forest League
  • [Year 15] A SoulForcer/SoulWorker appears from the Great Void

The Great Void Years 1-3

  • Ladi awakens as a SoulWorker
  • Tenebris awakens as a SoulWorker
  • Grasscover Camp is formed
  • Earliest known members were Ladi,Tenebris,Kant, and Miriam
  • Tenebris discovers Haru Estia
  • Haru is placed under confinement
  • Ladi and Tenebris meet Lupan
  • Lupan was able to become a SoulWorker
  • Erwin, Jin, and Iris join Grasscover Camp at unknown times
  • Tenebris encounters Lilly Bloommerchen
  • Tenebris convinces Lilly to join the camp
  • Erwin betrays Grasscover Camp
  • Fall of Azland Camp
  • Haru awakens into a completed SinWorker
  • Ladi discovers Stella Unibell and attempt to recruit her
  • Ladi ends up discovering Kant's secret in the process and is banished from the Great Void
  • Tenebris receives word of Ladi's death from a new survivor and his SoulForce weakens
  • Iris's Faction leaves Grasscover Camp

The Great Void After Year 3

  • Unknown amount of time has passed
  • Stella makes friends with Catherine
  • Tenebris receives word that Stella, a SinWorker, attacked the search party
  • Tenebris,Kant, and Miriam set off to find Stella.
  • Kant banishes Catherine from the Great Void
  • Kant was successfully able to turn Stella into a SinWorker

SinWorkers Unknown Event Timeline

  • Tenebris discovers Kant's secret and is banished from the Great Void
  • Lupan leaves Grasscover Camp
  • Lilly leaves Grasscover Camp
  • Jin takes over the leadership responsibilities
  • Iris becomes a SinWorker
  • Jin becomes a SinWorker
  • The Massacre occurs
  • Lakasha defeats the SinWorkers and banishes them from the Great Void. Her intervention causes multiple distortions in the world.

Irregularities Unknown Event Timeline

  • Maverick awakens as a SoulWorker
  • Maverick becomes a leader for Dunforrid Camp
  • Pasta's death
  • Aruel encounters a SoulDreg cat and calls it Chii
  • Iris hears rumors about Dunforrid Camp regarding Chii and Aruel
  • Maverick leaves the Great Void
  • Chii and Aruel are attacked by SoulDregs
  • Aruel dies
  • Chii takes on Aruel's form and becomes a SoulWorker
  • Chii is banished from the Great Void
  • Iris receieves word of the fall of Dunforrid Camp

NED Company Projects

  • Project Ark begins
  • Project Baalride is successful
  • The Blood SoulWorker Project begins
  • Marie,Abel,Nita,Naran,Suzie,Ravan and many other children were sold to NED Company as material for the Blood SoulWorker project.
  • Ravan is the first successful Blood SoulWorker
  • Marie is successful and is moved over to the Ressurection Project.
  • Marie refuses to cooperate with project and modeled into the Suzie prototype model. She is then placed into a deep slumber while neutralizing her SoulForce with an enormous amount of Pike.
  • Suzie goes berzerk and records of Marie are lost.
  • NED Company was able to suppress Suzie and seals Ruin Fortress.