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The Vessi (베시 Bessie) are a humanoid race from Stair Oroboroi who came to inhabit portions of Second Stair after the appearance of The Great Void. They look similar to humans but possess supernatural powers stemming from Sin Force which often shapes their physical appearance, behaviors and abilities. Due to this, certain Vessi factions are uniquely characterized by their innate SinForce and tend to faithfully follow it. Additionally, the SinForce produced by each Vessi faction has its own unique energy signature allowing them to be easily identified by the SFL. According to Kant, the Vessi desires are simplistic compared to the complex nature of human desires.

Most Vessi factions are hive-minded and collectivist in nature, meaning that exceptions from the group are exceedingly rare. Some exceptions such as Edgar are usually banished from the group. Most Vessi are antagonistic against humanity but they are not a united group as the Blissful Mediation Vessi are currently at war against the Vessi with Nihil's Throne ,while certain Vessi groups are friendly with humanity. They are also commonly referred to as demons on the game's early introduction pages.

Main Factions

Faction Name Terriority SinForce
Firestream Battalion West Cloudream Strength
Shinjin Industries Southern Cloudream Greed
Nihil's Throne Eastern Cloudream and Northern Cloudream Honor
Blissful Mediation Northern Cloudream Happiness